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Louisiana had rank near the lower end when it came to reverse mortgages. Most people in the state simply did not know about reverse mortgages. Recently, more people in areas such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans have started to reverse the trend. A reverse mortgage has many benefits such as possibly preventing foreclosure if they have built up enough equity. A reverse mortgage can allow a senior who wishes to stay in their home and retain ownership to tap into their equity without having to qualify based on income or credit. Seniors do need to realize they need to be current on their property taxes and insurance or may risk losing their home.

Reverse Mortgage Quick Facts

Seniors looking to qualify for a Louisiana reverse mortgage will be glad to hear that credit scores and income are currently not used when applying for a reverse mortgage. The government has had talks with changing that as soon as late 2012.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders in LA

Bank of New Orleans

Sue Vrbaskovich


Toby Arceneaux

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

Sue Milligan

IBERIABANK Mortgage Company

Andy Perotti

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

R. J. Johnson
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