Determine Your Eligible Reverse Mortgage Amount


New York Reverse Mortgage Companies

New York is among the most active when it comes to reverse mortgage origination. Many seniors are forced to take out a reverse mortgage loan because of the economy. A recent study by MetLife Research showed that almost 2/3 of seniors take out a HECM (most common reverse mortgage product) to pay down other debts.

Reverse Mortgage Quick Facts

Seniors looking to qualify for a New York reverse mortgage will be glad to hear that credit scores and income are not used when applying for a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders in NY

Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC

Julian Giaquinto

All Island Mortgage & Funding Corp.

Bob Schiano

Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc.

George Shadel

Contour Mortgage Corporation

David Warren

Faze One Funding, LLC

Faisal Jabbour

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