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The lonestar state has a lot of seniors living in regions such as San Antonio, Houston, Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Texas is home to many seniors who enjoy the warm climate and low cost of living when compared to costal states in the U.S. A reverse mortgage can help a senior pay off a high interest debt by tapping into their built-up home equity.

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Seniors looking to qualify for a Texas reverse mortgage will be glad to hear that credit history and monthly income are not used when applying for a reverse mortgage. There are a few requirements a borrower must meet though.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders in TX

1st Financial Senior Funding

Alan Ferguson

1st Reverse Mortgage USA Division of Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc.

Lisa Bauer in Southern California

Cendera Funding Inc.

Judith Smith

Colonial National Mortgage

Andy Berry

Envoy Mortgage, Ltd.

Tony Votaw in Temecula, California
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